Skipper on the Choptank

Getting Bengfort.com Back Online

The website at bengfort.com has undergone a lot of changes over the years from when I started it in 2006 to learn web development in  Oxford! We've had a static site, a Wordpress blog, Python applications, and more. However, with my research and other work, it has been hard to maintain; and as the tools and resources I once relied on: a dedicate server, a hosting company, a static application generator have all gone out of business or been deprecated, the site has been dormant. 

There is interest in the site, particularly the Guyanese cookbook. Not only that, but I feel my credibility as a developer depends on my having a website that actually works! To that end (and because I was cleaning up some domains this weekend), I've gone ahead and moved forward with the Django implementation that uses the Wagtail CMS for our new site. This will allow me the flexibility to add Python applications to our website, without me having to create an entire CMS from scratch. 

I'm not sure how long it will take me to get it fully up and running, but I'm hoping that soon we'll be back in business and ready to rock again!